Adult & Child Orders of Protection

Obtaining an order of protection may be an important step to help keep you and your family safe from an abuser.  In Missouri, an individual 17 years of age or older may seek an order of protection from acts, attempts or threats to him or her from a family or household member or intimate partner; or from acts of stalking or sexual assault.  An order of protection can also be filed on behalf of a child if that child is being abused or in danger of being abused.

It is NOT necessary to hire an attorney to file for or to obtain an order of protection and there is no cost to file an order.  Forms are available free of charge at the circuit clerk’s office at the courthouse.  Additionally, the Family Justice Center provides free assistance in filing orders of protection.  If it is after business hours or on a holiday, you can call your local police, sheriff’s department or domestic violence program to find out where you can fill out a Petition for an Order of Protection

How Donelan Law can help:
While an attorney is not required to obtain an order of protection, in many cases, there are significant advantages to having representation for the initial filing or for the evidentiary hearing of an order of protection.  For example, if the person you are seeking an order against hires an attorney, then having an attorney representing your interests is vital to ensure your evidence can be properly presented to a judge. An order of protection case is separate from a criminal proceeding or other civil action; however, testimony or evidence presented at an order of protection hearing might have a significant impact on the other cases.

Additionally, many abusers misuse the court system and may file frivolous petitions for an order of protection against the victim.  Donelan Law can help defend and advise you in such actions. 

At Donelan Law, we will listen to you, discuss all your legal options, and fight for you.